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Timeshares started:

Around 30 years ago in the French Alps, vacation ownership started out with the idea of being able to exchange ones vacation accommodations with someone elses. While not everyone could afford that second home at the beach, by owning just a segment of that home, or condo, it now came within most peoples reach.  

What is a timeshare?

Timeshare at its core is essentially a group of people sharing the cost of a vacation home. 

How do timeshares work?

There are basically 2 different kinds of time shares. One, you buy deeded ownership in a piece of real estate that grants you shared interest in a unit that you use for a defined time each year. Two, you buy a lease, license or membership that lets you use various properties like hotel, resort or condo units for a specific amount of time over a set number of years.  

What is a timeshare exchange?

Many timeshares allow you to expand the number of places you can stay by paying a fee to join an exchange. You essentially deposit some or all of the vacation time you own into an exchange system, and then withdraw a comparable amount of time at another accommodation worldwide.  

Timeshare Resorts without charge?

There are plenty of timeshares that offer expense paid accommodation to interested buyers in change for attending a presentation about properties by the organizer. You can find plenty available throughout the internet. Please read the article in our Timeshare Scams section before doing so.  

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